I still remember the morning my friend Karla called and told me "What if we start making face masks!?" 💡 this was a couple of weeks ago and the COVID-19 situation in my country was actually still super calm.


ALL businesses were open, but what was happening in other countries was impossible to ignore, and since we were living in a place that welcomes thousands of people from all around the world (Playa del Carmen, México) it was time to prepare for the worst while hoping for the best and looking for the positive side in whatever life will bring us.

We started researching materials and techniques to create useful face masks that would help reduce the spread of the virus in our communities and that could be also reusable (zero-waste) and stylish so whomever wear them would do it happily and without feeling they just got out of a hospital  🙈

In this video, you will learn the step by step process to create beautiful face masks for you, your family or even your whole community. 💖  Your sewing machine + the magic of your hands is a superpower that the world needs more than ever. You have the capacity to bring to life what more and more data is indicating can make a positive difference in reducing virus transmission in pubic,

(Click on the image to play!)

The PDF Pattern to make your own face masks is ready to print!


You can find the PM2.5 filters with a layer of activated carbon I mention in the video here:


"This too shall pass", but while we are all living it:


Remember to wash your hands, be thankful for everything and every person you got in your life, and take this time at home to do more of those things that bring happiness to your soul.  You can build the foundation to create the life you want to live now and also once the world opens its doors again.


Sending you my best wishes and lots of beautiful vibes full of creative magic for you!




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